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About Simpliigood

Pure. Fresh. Spirulina.

Our mission is to transform how the world eats at SimpliiGood. We’re committed to a groundbreaking vision: changing how the world eats for the better. We’re tackling critical global challenges head-on, from malnutrition and food insecurity to the environmental impacts of industrialized food production. Our solution? A holistic, integrated approach that promises a healthier, more sustainable future.

Innovation at Its Core: The World’s First in Spirulina Production We pride ourselves on being the world’s first company to master the art of producing fresh Spirulina biomass on a large scale. Our cutting-edge technology ensures high quality, cost-effectiveness, and consistency while adhering to international food safety standards.

A Multidisciplinary Approach for Optimal Nutrition Our secret lies in our multidisciplinary strategy, combining expertise from biology, engineering, food technology, chemistry, computer science, nutrition, and medicine. The result? The most nutrient-dense, efficient natural food source on Earth.

Our Impact: Sustainable, Nutritious, Eco-Friendly

  • Closing the Protein Gap: We offer sustainable, affordable, and cleanly labeled alternatives packed with immense nutritional value.
  • Redefining Industrialized Food: Our products are natural, free from synthetic additives, and minimally processed, ensuring you get the best of what nature offers.
  • Eco-Friendly Agriculture for the Next Generation: We optimize resource utilization while minimizing the impact on natural habitats, land use, water consumption, and pollution.
  • Combatting Malnutrition and Food Insecurity: Our goal is to nourish the world, especially the developing regions, with self-sustaining, next-generation crops.

Join us on our journey to make a difference, one meal at a time.


The Team

Lior Shalev

CEO & Co-Founder

Baruch Dach

CTO & Founder

Dan Peer

Chief Operating Business Officer

Lior Shauder

Chief Biologist