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Article: Fresh or Dried Spirulina? Important Differences to Know

Fresh or Dried Spirulina? Important Differences to Know - SimpliiGood

Fresh or Dried Spirulina? Important Differences to Know

As of today, AlgaeCore - Spirulina SimpliiGood is the only fresh spirulina producer in the world

What is dried spirulina or spirulina powder?

It is essentially spirulina that is usually grown in uncontrolled conditions and without quality control. It is then placed in an oven to dry, typically at a very high temperature (although there is also cold drying). The heat from the oven kills and destroys most of the nutritional components in the algae (vitamins, antioxidants, etc.) that are sensitive to heat, resulting in the powder itself. The spirulina powder is then either packed as a powder or formed into tablets.

So what remains of the spirulina after heating it?

Almost nothing... aside from iron and protein, almost everything is destroyed by the heat. This highlights the significant advantage of fresh spirulina.

I always buy spirulina powder, so am I harming myself?

It’s not certain that spirulina powder harms you, but there is no way to ensure this. The powder market is completely unregulated, with most powders produced in Asia without quality control, lab testing, and control over cultivation. In many of the brands we tested, we also found residues of heavy metals that come from the water in which the spirulina was grown.
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Additionally, all you are consuming is essentially protein powder of not very high quality.

So why consume fresh spirulina from the Kedron strain?

Because we are the only ones who grow fresh spirulina for consumption. We have all the necessary certifications for food cultivation and production both domestically and internationally. We fully control the process and know exactly what is in the water in which we grow the spirulina. We have stringent internal quality control processes and are subject to regular checks by external laboratories, all to produce the best fresh spirulina in the world. 

Our spirulina contains everything spirulina has to offer, without any unpleasant aftertastes or odors. 

We offer spirulina for purchase that integrates wonderfully with any food or drink, allowing you to enjoy a real superfood that is not only healthy but also delicious.

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